At a family gathering, Joanne’s cousins told her about a free financial counseling service they were using. This free service could not come soon enough for Joanne, who was feeling financially burnt out. “My husband was ill and a lot of our money was going to his medical expenses. Some bills were not as important as his health and the nursing home took all of his income.” She trusted her cousins and gave the Financial Empowerment Center a call.

When Joanne first began using the service, “I would beat myself up and my financial counselor would tell me how well I was doing and give me the guidance and strength to push through.” After making phone calls to each medical billing agency, Joanne was put on a repayment plan she could manage, “Before this service, I considered bankruptcy because the debt became so unbearable. However, the best part is that there is no time limit; I can go back as many times as I want and fortunately did not have to declare bankruptcy.”