We have Financial Empowerment Centers throughout Philadelphia. See our locations below for directions, hours, and information.

Center City

  • Municipal Services Building

    1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Hours of Operation

    Monday through Thursday: 9am – 7pm
    Friday: 8am – 5pm
    Saturday: 9am – 3pm

  • Community Legal Services

    Sponsoring Organization: Community Legal Services (CLS)

    1424 Chestnut St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19102

    Hours of Operation

    Tuesday: 10am – 7pm
    Wednesday: 9am – 6pm


  • Impact Services / CareerLink

    5847 Germantown Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19144

    Hours of Operation


North Philadelphia

  • Congreso Headquarters

    Sponsoring Organization: Congreso

    216 W. Somerset Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19133

    Hours of Operation

    Monday: 8am – 6pm
    Tuesday: 9am – 7pm
    Wednesday: 8am – 6 pm
    Thursday: 8am – 7pm
    Friday: 8am – 5pm

  • Community Legal Services

    Sponsoring Organization: Community Legal Services (CLS)

    1410 W. Erie Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19140

    Hours of Operation

    Monday: 9am – 6pm
    Thursday: 8am – 5pm

West Philadelphia

  • Achievability

    Sponsoring Organization: Achievability

    59 N. 60th St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19139

    Hours of Operation

    Tuesday & Thursday: 9 am – 5 pm
    Wednesday: 9 am – 6 pm

  • People’s Emergency Center

    Sponsoring Organization: People’s Emergency Center

    325 N. 39th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Hours of Operation